Corporate Finance Strategies For Small Businesses

When small businesses are formulating strategies for their corporate finance needs, they increasingly need to account for a changing landscape involving their lenders. These changes will potentially require small business owners to revise their approach to almost everything because of the widespread financial impact. Although managing such change is often challenging, it can lead to business growth when accomplished successfully.

As noted, banking changes will force small businesses to adjust their previous corporate finance strategies. Here are some of the most pressing banking issues that will impact several business areas in most cases:

– Zombie Banks and Other Troubled Banking Institutions
– The Need to Fire a Bank and Banker
– Difficulty for Refinancing Commercial Mortgages
– Fewer Working Capital Loan Options
– Decreasing Sales and Net Income

Even small businesses which think that everything is fine are likely to encounter the need to consider one or more of the problem areas just noted at some point. It is preferable to do engage in some advance planning rather than waiting for difficulties to emerge. The need to refinance a commercial real estate loan in particular now requires more advance planning than it did in past years.

There are several variations of four corporate finance strategies that are likely to be the most helpful for small business owners:

– Business Negotiating
– Contingency Business Planning
– Business Development and Marketing
– Improving Public Relations with Bankers

Business Negotiations Can Help the Bottom Line Immediately
The good news is that more effective negotiating can help improve the financial condition of a company in multiple and often unexpected areas. The bad news is that most business owners hate negotiating, and this is even more true when negotiations with their bank is involved.

Contingency Business Plans Should Be Formulated at the Earliest Possible Point
The whole purpose of having a contingency plan is to prepare for the possibility of something going wrong before it happens. It is literally impossible to do this essential planning too early.

Successful Business Development Can Make Everything Else Easier
While it might not be easy to accomplish, increased sales and revenues achieved through business development can minimize problems in many other areas. For example, the need for more working capital can be reduced or eliminated by increasing sales with new business proposal writing efforts.

Can Public Relations with Banks Be Improved?
Now more than ever, the use of public relations strategies by small businesses should be used to tackle all five of the pressing bank issues mentioned previously. These challenging problems will not solve themselves, and a specialized public relations approach is warranted in most cases.